Fae Corbins Spanking

Posted by Editor - April 2nd, 2020

Fae Corbin is reposeful within the workplace, however Wolfie has alternative ideas. while not a word, he strips her and leads her to a stool, handcuffing her wrists to the beam on top of, going her reconciliation on tip-toes. In response to her forward banter, he wordlessly removes his belt, and thrashes her pale skin moving on to a several caudate whip, beating her from head to toe. going her hanging, he pricks her skin with a pinwheel, and inserts a fox-tail butt-plug into her ass, then resumes the belt beating. Clothespins bite her nipples, as he moves on to one tail whip, and fucks her ass with the whip handle.

Shadow Slaves – Spanking Films

Pressing a moving wand into her cunt, she is finally allowed down, and bent over the lounge, wherever she should endure a lot of whipping, whereas the wand works it’s magic. Finally he deems she is prepared to be used, and pushing a vibrator deep into her ass, she is bent over the table to suck his cock. Needing a lot of stimulation, he fucks her within the ass, before returning to fuck her throat, going her tearful, and quiet at long last.


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