German Whipping Action

Posted by Editor - February 14th, 2016

The Germans sure know how to administer a good whipping scene. This blonde chick is blindfolded and intimidated by her master until he finally makes her bend over for the riding crop. He gives her a severe ass whipping that will leave marks on her for a long time to come. Then he grabs the flogger and another hard whipping comes down on her ass. She is in for a severe whipping by this German officer who knows just how to administer punishment at Elite Pain Whipping Films

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Severe Ass Whipping. This sado whipping scene features a blonde getting a humiliating whipping to the ass plus a pussy whipping between the legs. Inside the site you can see her severe whipping video where she takes the full punishment that she deserves.

Severe Ass Whipping. When it comes to whipping videos, few do it as well as the europeans. Today’s video shows just that, how a whipping can be severe and yet there be a real bond between the man wielding the whip and the slut crying out on the bench. When he tests her ass and lets her rest between strokes this girl is actually able to engage in a little banter with him. At least, until the next stroke hits her ass at Elite Pain Whipping Films