SONIA Spanked

Posted by Editor - May 13th, 2021

SONIA spanking story by Helier

She was the most beautiful, graceful girl I have ever seen.   Each afternoon I
watched her covertly and though I have never been attracted to other
women, I developed an irrepressible desire to be spanked by her.

I had taken Sonia as my maid.   She studied law in the mornings and came
to me each afternoon.    She was cheerful, conscientious and respectful but
though we chatted a little everyday I was careful to preserve my distance.

Herein lay the problem.   My desires pressed ever more urgently but, without
becoming more intimate with her, how could I realise them?   The answer
was simple and came to me one afternoon.   Sonia is my maid – surely
anything I require for my comfort is her duty.     I called her and she came
and stood before me expectantly.

“Sonia.   Are you ever inclined to question my directions?”

“No, Ma’am.”    She seemed genuinely shocked.

“And I can rely upon your absolute discretion?”

“Of course, Ma’am.”

“On my desk you will find a large ruler.   Please bring it here.”

She returned with the ruler and held it out.   I made no move to take it.

“Tell me honestly – have you ever had occasion to give chastisement?”

She was obviously surprised by the question.

” … No, Ma’am.”

“Sonia.   I would like to be spanked.  I expect you to acquire the necessary
skills to oblige me in this.”

Her pretty mouth fell open and her eyes were wide.

“Please give me a hard stroke on my hand so that I may judge your ability.”

I held my hand out.    How my heart raced when I saw her gulp and raise the
ruler.   Her eyes were terrified but her stroke, when it came, was as light as a
patter of rain.

“That won’t do, Sonia.   Please give me the ruler and turn around.”

Again she obeyed me and immediately I gave her three sharp strokes on her
bottom.   She squealed, trying to move out of the way, then shrieked as she
caught another stinging stroke across her bare thighs.   I pressed the ruler
into the hand that was not clamped across her bottom and, turning from her,
knelt up on the seat of my chair.

“Thank you, Sonia.   Please do not stop until I tell you.”

I could feel the nerves fluttering in my stomach as I listened to her halting
breath.   Would she?    I felt a delicate shift of air on my legs and suddenly –
oh, she had such a touch …!

Time and again her vicious ruler swished across my tight silk dress.   I
glanced back and through my tears I could see the little vixen loving it.   My
terrified eyes drove her all the harder until I was wet with the shameful
thrill of it.    I made her continue until she could go no more.  

When she was finished I sat carefully back on my chair.

“You may serve tea now, Sonia.”

“Yes, Ma’am”, she said and went happily about her duties.

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