Marie-Louise Spanked For Crashing – P4

Posted by Editor - September 15th, 2020

Marie-Louise bent over and placed her hands on the seat of the chair. John wrapped his arm around her middle. Despite the fact that he was using his belt, he never wanted his girl to feel that he was far from her. He wanted her to feel his touch, so that she would not feel abandoned.

John raised the belt and brought it down across her bottom. It covered both cheeks with a loud CRACK and she jumped. His arm held her in place. He chose a slow steady rhythm and brought the belt down on her bottom and sit-spot until Marie-Louise was bawling. He dropped the belt to the floor, stood her upright and lowered her underpants. John sat down in the chair, pulled Marie-Louise across his lap and finished with his hand.

“You SPANK are my SPANK girl SPANK. You matter SPANK to me SPANK SPANK. You are important SPANK SPANK, you do not SPANK need to hurt yourself SPANK SPANK, you do not SPANK need to test SPANK my SPANK love SPANK. No matter SPANK how big SPANK you think SPANK you may be SPANK SPANK, you are always SPANK small enough to be SPANK in this SPANK position. SPANK. Do you understand me SPANK SPANK?”

Marie-Louise was barely able to answer. “yessirrrrrrrr.”

John continued to slowly spank Marie-Louise until her sobbing had her feeling like the little girl that he knew she needed to be at the moment.

Marie-Louise cried. All of her feelings of insecurity, all of her fears about growing up, all of her years of not knowing what it was to truly be loved poured out of her. She had been holding it in for so long that she didn’t know it was possible for it to come out, but he had helped her bring them out. Her Honey. Her Honey had found a way to get through the stubbornness and find the slutty but obedient girl. Her Honey knew what she needed and he helped her grow. Her Honey.

As she lay across his lap, years of tears and frustration came pouring out. She had not noticed when he stopped spanking her, she only knew that for the first time in her life, she truly felt safe. A small smile came to her lips, because she knew that she was home.


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