The Santiago Prison (Mood Pictures)

Posted by admin - November 20th, 2007

The Santiago Prison (Mood Pictures)

This isnt the place to be imprisoned…unless of course youre into heavy caning and whipping action. This is one of the hardest Mood Pictures releases so far, a real vicious piece of hardcore caning action.


Details: 50 lashes (single tail whip); 209 strokes (cane)

Young pretty girls arrive in South America. At the airport, drug smugglers slip small amounts of drugs into the girls’ baggage to distract customs officials from the main shipments. The victims are reported to Customs and they suddenly find themselves in a dark prison instead of on the sunny beach. The female prison has its own rules. It is not similar to any US or European prison at all. Wardens punish the prisoners with the whip and the cane to keep strict discipline; they do their job unmercifully and force the prisoners to make false confessions.

Producer: Mood Pictures

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