Bare Bottom Paddling

Posted by admin - January 1st, 2008

Bare Bottom Paddling

Mom and Mr. Erickson, an Eighth grade teacher in our school had started
dating when I was in sixth grade, my real Dad had died many years ago and I
have few memories of him. I liked Mr. Erickson almost from the start and soon
loved him as if he were my own father. I wanted very much for him and Mom to
get married so he could be my full time Dad, but things just didn’t seem to
be getting to that point.

A few months after they had been dating I did something that really ticked
off Mom and I knew I was in deep trouble, I was sent to my room, I listened
to them through the door talk about what I had done, me, and how I should be
punished. Mom asked Mr. Erickson to spank me and he responded that since he
wasn’t my Father he didn’t think he would care to do that. I was
disappointed, I thought of him as my Dad at that point and would have
accepted any punishment he felt was deserved, indeed in some ways I hoped he
would spank me. But he didn’t.

An hour or so later I was across Mom’s lap as she pulled down my pajama
bottoms and applied the paddle to my fanny.

A few days later I had a conversation with Mr. Erickson, who I was now
calling Sir, rather than Mr. Erickson which seemed so formal somehow, and
‘Dad’ wasn’t quite right either.  “Sir” I opened, not at all sure how I was
going to ask what I wanted to ask. “Yes Jenny?” he replied in his gentle
tone. “Uh, well, Uh, I mean…..the other night when I was bad, why didn’t
you spank me when Mom asked you to?”  I blurted out.

He looked at me surprised. “Why you little minx you spied on us.” “Uh, not
really sir, I only listened at the door.” I answered quickly. He seemed to
accept this and smiled again. “Jenny, the reason I won’t spank you is that
your Mother and I are not married, and until we are, or a date is set I won’t
spank you. But let me warn you young lady when that day comes, you’ll get a
bare bottom paddling from me if you deserve it.”  I didn’t understand why
that was so important to him not to spank me now, but since it seemed to be,
and he was so firm about it I didn’t have anything more to say on the
subject. I hoped they would be married soon.

A few months later when they thought I was out of the house I heard some
arguing from the living room, I could tell it was half in fun and half real
annoyance, you know the kind of thing I’m talking about. I slipped into the
hallway and then into the dinning room and watched while hiding under the
dinning room table. I could tell that now Mom was trying to provoke him.

Finally Mom’s provocation’s worked. Across his lap she went and with squeals
of delight and annoyance up went her dress and down went her panties. From my
hidden vantage I was able to watched as He spanked her long and hard. It was
soon evident that he had a real grievance and the spanking was for real. She
kicked and yelped and cried, while he never stopped the steady stream of
spanks to her bare bottom.  I watched this private affair in fascination.

>From where I was I was only able to see part of what was going on, his large
hand smacked against her bottom and soon it was red and getting redder. Mom
wasn’t much braver than me when it came to getting a spanking and she was
kicking and trying to get away. It did seem like she could have tried harder
to escape if she really wanted to, but I didn’t sort that out until later.

I wanted so much for him to feel that I was part of the family and deserving
of the same attention when I earned it. But I knew that until they were
married I would never get a bare bottom paddling from this man, I loved and
admired so very much.

Soon he held her in his arms and they went to the bedroom where even I could
guess what was next. 

Two years quickly passed and then I was in the Eight grade, as luck would
have it I was assigned to Mr. Erickson’s class. I figured I had it made. No
way was he going to give me a bad grade, I could slide through this year.
What a deal,  I was set.

Three weeks later I was cutting up in class despite having been warned
numerous times over the last few days about class room behavior. No big deal
I figured there was no risk to me. Then all of a sudden things changed.
“Jenny, please stay after school.” Mr. Erickson announced in a firm voice.
“I want to get a few matters straight.”

The next two hours passed slowly as I pondered what kind of boring lecture I
was going to have to endure. When all the other kids had gone, he called me
to the front of the class room. “Jenny, I’ve had all the trouble from you I
expect to receive.” He said taking me by the arm and walking me to a corner
of the room and stopping in front of a work table.  “Drop your panties and
bend over the table.” As he said this, I noticed for the first time he had in
his hand a long brown ruler. “Are you going to paddle me?” I asked in almost
a whisper.

“That is exactly what I’m going to do.” He answered. “But I thought you said
you weren’t ever going to spank me until you and Mom were going to be
married.” I protested in confusion. “That’s right” He answered. “You mean?”
“Yep, we’re going to be married in two weeks, we were going to tell you
tonight when we went out for dinner, but your behavior today has earned you
an earlier notification and a paddling.”

I couldn’t help it, a big smile broke out on my face at this wonderful news,
at long last he was going to be my Daddy. I was so happy.  “Drop your panties
and bend over.” He reminded me.  With an ear to ear smile I slipped my hands
under my short yellow skirt and slid my panties to my knees and bent over the
desk as ordered.

I felt my Daddy’s hands make contact with my bare bottom as he lifted my
skirt up and held onto it as he moved to my side and raised the ruler.  I was
still smiling at the happy news. It was well worth a paddling.

I have to tell you the paddling with that ruler stung, He stood real close to
me and I could feel him almost against me as he whacked my fanny with the
ruler. I clenched my hands into fists and strained to keep my elbows on the
desk. I was determined to be brave and take the paddling from my Daddy with
out protest. I wanted him to be proud of his new daughter.

After about twenty five swats he stopped and held me against him and spoke
comforting words to calm me down as I cried my eyes out. Finally I pulled up
my panties and we left the class room, and we drove home together from
school, for the first time. 

I was so happy, we were a family at last.

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