A Fair And Just Response

Posted by Editor - November 25th, 2007

A Fair And Just Response

Mrs. Sinclair sat at her desk going over the daily attendance records of the first two classes. Occasionally she would make a mark by an absentees name to remind herself to call the girl’s parents to find out if an illness was serious. The intercom buzzed. “Yes, Rachel?” “Mrs. Sarah Winthorp to see you, ma’am” Mrs. Sinclair sighed to herself. “Very well, send her in.” Mrs. Sarah Winthorp entered the headmistresses office. She was in rare temper, it seemed. This was precisely why Mrs. Sinclair hated seeing the woman. She was a highly placed member of the board of governors to the school and as such, she used her position to constantly barge in on Mrs. Sinclair with the most trivial of concerns.

“Mrs. Sinclair, I would request that Miss Jennifer Bloom be caned immediately.”

This took Mrs. Sinclair quite by surprise. Both because Jennifer Bloom hadn’t received the cane in some years, and that Mrs. Winthorp had never before requested such a thing. “Why?” Mrs. Winthorp shook a piece of paper in front of the headmistresses nose. “I have been receiving at my home anonymous calls over the phone for some months. Last month I requested the phone service to do a trace of all of our incoming calls. I judiciously logged each call I received and compared them to the results. As you can plainly see, thirty calls alone came from Jennifer Bloom’s residence.”

Mrs. Sinclair could see no such thing with the paper being shook like that. Exasperated, she finally snatched the paper and glanced over it. She opened a drawer and pulled out a file containing the home numbers of her students. Yes, Jennifer Bloom’s number was featured prominently on the phone service’s report.

“What was the nature of these calls?” “Scandalous! The things said by this young woman are best not repeated.” Mrs. Sinclair suppressed a chuckle. Scandalous, to Mrs. Winthorp, could be anything from “bugger off” to “how was the movie?” “I’m afraid that I can administer no punishment unless I know the basis for the calls.”

Mrs. Winthorp repeated a few phrases that left Mrs. Sinclair’s ears burning. Mrs. Winthorp even produced a tape of one recording. When played, Mrs. Sinclair’s ears burst into flames. Of course, one couldn’t tell who exactly was on the other end of the tape. The person had judiciously used a rag or some such to disguise the voice. When the tape ended, the machine had added a time and date. Mrs. Sinclair glanced over the report and saw Jennifer Bloom’s number corresponded to that time and date. Mrs. Sinclair punched the intercom with a devastating force. “Send for Jennifer Bloom!”

Five minutes later, Bloom walked through the door. “Yes, ma’am?” Bloom was properly dressed in her uniform and proudly displaying her prefect’s badge. Mrs. Sinclair’s face was thunderous. She accused Jennifer Bloom of harassing a school governor and of using ’scandalous’ language. “Ma’am, I did no such thing.” Mrs. Sinclair’s ears began to smoke. She played the tape. Bloom just listened, her face growing hot. “What do you have to say for this?” “Ma’am, I didn’t do it. There’s been a mistake.” Mrs. Sinclair showed Bloom the report from the phone service, but Bloom again protested her innocence. Mrs. Sinclair had had enough of these lies. She started to sentence a caning when Mrs.Winthorp interrupted.

“Such a shameful display should be met with an equally humiliating display. I demand that she be caned on the bare in front of a school assembly!” Mrs. Sinclair didn’t feel one bit sorry for Miss Bloom. The girl had embarrassed the school, her headmistress, and certainly herself. She should be made an example. Mrs. Sinclair called her secretary to make the proper arrangements. Bloom was sobbing fiercely and protesting her innocence. Mrs. Sinclair would have none of it. Fifteen minutes later, the secretary called to inform that all was ready. Mrs. Sinclair grabbed the cane and marched Jennifer Bloom to the assembly hall.

Mrs. Sinclair made a twenty minute speech about this shameful act and publicly stripped Bloom of her prefect’s status. Then she had Mrs. Winthorp hold down the struggling girl and administered twenty vicious strikes to the girl’s bare backside. Mrs. Sinclair hadn’t been merciful in her strokes. There were several cuts that were openly bleeding. Mrs. Sinclair made her remain in position for twenty more minutes while she lectured some more about what had just been witnessed. Then all were sent back to classes.

The next day, Mrs. Sinclair received a call from Bloom’s parents. They blustered and raved about their daughter’s condition for fifteen minutes. “Permanent scarring” was a phrase that came up often. Mrs. Sinclair informed them that she, herself, had seen the proof of Jennifer’s misdeeds. That quieted them.

The following day, the parents were again on the phone making threats of legal action. They, too, had investigated and found nothing. Mrs. Sinclair informed them that an investigation by angry parents and one by the phone service were two very different things. Again they were quieted.

Over the next two months, Jennifer Bloom was constantly being reported for misdeeds by other prefects. Mrs. Sinclair had been expecting it. When a prefect fell, others swooped in to gain revenge for past incidents. By and large, Mrs. Sinclair administered punishment for the reportings. Prefects could, at worst, request that a student be paddled. Mrs. Sinclair saw no harm in paddling a student. It stung and brought tears, but no damage had ever been done by the paddle. Rarely a day went by without Bloom’s skirt up and panties down receiving a few whacks to her hind end. Mrs. Sinclair knew from experience that the reports of misbehavior would soon draw to a close. Also during that time, Bloom’s parents averaged about one call a week with threats of legal action. Each time, Mrs. Sinclair referred to the phone service’s report and they were silenced for another week. Finally Mrs. Sinclair had had enough of the irritating calls. Since Mrs. Winthorp had taken the report with her, Mrs. Bloom decided to call her to gain a copy of that report to forward to Bloom’s parents. Perhaps that would quiet them once and for all.

“Winthorp’s” “Mr. Winthorp. This is Jayne Sinclair, headmistress of Brighton’s Academy. Is Mrs. Winthorp available?” “No, I’m afraid she’s at a meeting. Can I be of assistance?” “Perhaps so. I am calling to request a copy of the phone service report that Mrs. Winthorp showed me a few months back.” “Phone service report?” “Yes, sir. Mrs. Winthorp brought it in as proof in a scandalous affair that led to the severe caning of one of our school’s former prefects.” “I’m afraid I have no knowledge of any of this.” “Mrs. Winthorp complained of several calls made to your residence by the girl. The calls were of a scurrilous nature and, as a result, Mrs. Winthorp commissioned a report done by the phone service.” “Mrs. Sinclair, we’ve received no such calls.””Perhaps they occurred while you were at work.” “Mrs. Sinclair, are you familiar with my occupation?” “No, sir, I’m afraid not.” “I’m a writer of fiction. A quite successful one, I might add. To gain that success, I work constantly. My office is here at home. I never leave except to do an occasional charity function or a book signing. In those instances, Sarah always accompanies me. There have been no such calls.” Mrs. Sinclair stammered. “But your wife played me a tape from your answering machine.” “My good woman. We have no such machine. Why should we spend the money when I am always here to take messages.” Mrs. Sinclair was in a state. “But…” “Mrs. Sinclair, who was the girl who was punished?” “Jennifer Bloom.” Thoughts of lawsuits immediately began circling Mrs. Sinclair’s consciousness. “Ah, that explains it, then.” “I don’t follow, sir.” Mr. Winthorp explained. “When Sarah, Mrs. Winthorp, was in grammar school, Patricia Welding, the mother of Jennifer Bloom, caused Sarah and Jessica, my wife’s sister, to receive a most pernicious caning on the bare in front the entire school. Sarah has never forgiven Mrs. Bloom for that humiliation. I’m afraid that this punishment was directed more toward her than toward Jennifer.” Mrs. Sinclair let out a gasp. She had been used as a tool of Mrs. Winthorp’s revenge. She asked if Mr. Winthorp would graciously arrange to meet with her this afternoon. Mr. Winthorp agreed and Mrs. Sinclair immediately called her barrister. Mrs. Sinclair was dismayed to learn that she, however unwittingly, had been an accomplice to this sorry affair and could be subject to lawsuit and possible termination. Mrs. Sinclair immediately phoned the Bloom’s and asked that they come in for a meeting.

The next day, a school assembly was called. Mrs. Sinclair didn’t relish the thought of the upcoming several hours, but to avoid a lawsuit and possible termination, she had agreed to everything. She faced the entire assembly. “Ladies, you are no doubt curious as to why you’ve been asked to assemble here. Some time ago you were called in to witness the caning of Miss Jennifer Bloom.” There were titters as the object of the speech was seen squirming in an attempt to sit on her still sore behind. “Many humiliating things were said about the former prefect and she received a most severe caning in front of all of you. I have asked you here today to hear me admit that what was done to Miss Bloom was a dreadful error.” Gasps and whispers were circulating throughout the hall. A few errors had been made over the years, but Mrs. Sinclair had never publicly apologized for such. “I want you to know that though I was an unwitting dupe in the whole affair, I am guilty of allowing her humiliation to be increased by acting on reports from current prefects as to Miss Bloom’s behavior. I know that when a prefect is stripped of her status, others are quick to avenge past incidents. I, myself, when in grammar school, did such things. Therefore, as a result of my experiences, I allowed the practice to continue here. I am now telling you that it will continue no longer. In fact, an example shall be made today of my disfavor of this practice.” Mrs. Sinclair read off a list of twelve names, all prefects, and told them to step up to the floor. All twelve girls nervously did so. “All of these prefects have reported Miss Bloom for various misdeeds. All of these reports were falsehoods. They were submitted to cause Miss Bloom to receive unnecessary and humiliating punishment. All twelve of these girls will receive twelve strokes of the cane applied without mercy and to the bare. The sentence will be carried out immediately in front of this entire assembly.”

Three of the twelve broke out in sobs immediately. “Since their actions were silently condoned by me, they shall retain their prefect’s status. However, any such false reports that are submitted in the future will result in a public caning of twenty- four strokes applied without mercy and to the bare and the loss of such status.”

Mrs. Sinclair took a deep breath. “Mrs. Winthorp, the school governess who brought out these false charges, has consented to receive a caning applied without mercy and to the bare. The caning will be an exact match to the one that Miss Bloom received plus a penalty of twenty strokes for causing such an incident as this to come about. You will also witness this shortly.”

The Santiago Prison (Mood Pictures)

Posted by Editor - November 20th, 2007

The Santiago Prison (Mood Pictures)

This isnt the place to be imprisoned…unless of course youre into heavy caning and whipping action. This is one of the hardest Mood Pictures releases so far, a real vicious piece of hardcore caning action.


Details: 50 lashes (single tail whip); 209 strokes (cane)

Young pretty girls arrive in South America. At the airport, drug smugglers slip small amounts of drugs into the girls’ baggage to distract customs officials from the main shipments. The victims are reported to Customs and they suddenly find themselves in a dark prison instead of on the sunny beach. The female prison has its own rules. It is not similar to any US or European prison at all. Wardens punish the prisoners with the whip and the cane to keep strict discipline; they do their job unmercifully and force the prisoners to make false confessions.

Producer: Mood Pictures

A Girls Weekend – Chapter 4

Posted by Editor - November 1st, 2007

Part IV: At the beach

“TIME TO GET UP!!!!” Katie screamed while jumping on her “Uncle Larry”

“Huh? What?”

“Time to get up sleepyhead. You promised to take me to the beach and I want to get goin” she replied. “Now Get UPPPPP” she said while tickling him.

Remembering his babygirl’s tactics from before he held out his arms. “Nuh-uh, wanna cuddle” he replied in a loving voice.

Katie quickly jumped off of him. “NO way, you just want another chance to tickle me. Now get up, it’s time for breakfast”

“CUDDLE” he replied while pulling her down to him. “I wanna cuddle my sweet little babygirl who I missed so much”

“Let me go, ya big meanie, or ELSE!” she screamed

“OR else WHAT?” he replied wrapping his leg firmly around her.

“Or else, I’ll bite” she threatened.

“You, wouldn’t dare!”

“Oh yeah?”. So of course she bit him, not hard just enough to prove her point.

“Why, you little…” Larry grabbed Katie and flipped her on her stomach, raising her nightshirt he began to pull off her panties. “I’ll teach you to bite”

“NO, NO FAIR, you can’t spank me. I warned you” she protested

“Who said anything about spanking you” he replied with a chuckle. And with that he bent down and nipped each of her sweet round cheeks, then let her up.

Seizing her chance, Kaitlyn flipped over on her back, exposing her hairless pussy to him. “Ouch <giggle> NO fair. You are SOOOOO mean to me.” She exclaimed.

Larry stared transfixed at the smooth bare slit of his wife, her swollen clitoris glistened invitingly. Nearly forgetting their game he started to bend down to explore her further, then catching himself he planted a raspberry on her belly instead.

“Pffffffft, that’s what I think of THAT. OK, well I guess I am up so let me get dressed and we can go eat breakfast.” He said trying to hide his state of arousal.

“OK, but hurry up. Breakfast is almost ready and I don’t want it to get cold” she replied while heading out the door to her own room.

Katie leaned against her door and sighed. She had been caught up in the moment too, and when it looked like Larry was going to kiss her, she almost let him. Their play had excited her so much she did not know if she would be able to hold out until they got home. Fortunately Larry’s giving her a raspberry was just the right think to break the spell without destroying the illusion they had so carefully crafted. If this kept up she would need a cold shower for more than just her sore bottom.

Ducking into her room, Katie quickly changed into her swimsuit. A one-piece bathing suit in a dark purple with an orange stripe down the sides. This was one of her favorites since it showed off her curves and full round bottom so well without appearing immodest. Tossing on a peach cover-up she quickly brushed her long strawberry blonde hair into a ponytail, put on her sandals and headed downstairs to finish making breakfast.

Larry, DID need a cold shower. This weekend had been particularly tough on him, since they agreed that they would wait ’til they got home before satisfying their needs. He had to laugh when he thought about how effectively his babygirl was playing her role. There were more than a few times when he felt as if he had a real bratty little girl on his hands this weekend.

Larry headed downstairs. The aroma of fresh coffee spurring him on. When he arrived he was surprised to see a complete breakfast laid out. Stopping to give Katie a quick hug and a kiss, he sat down to enjoy the feast she prepared. He did notice the pillow she had placed on her seat and quickly removed it.

“I made ham biscuits, potatoes, coffee and orange juice. You like?”

“I love, it all looks delicious Babygirl. I can’t wait to eat it. Come join me”

Katie sat down quickly then jumped up. “HEY! What happened to my pillow?”

“Naughty little girls don’t get to sit on pillows. Now c’mon and join me” he said with a smile in his voice.

“Uhhh, I think I would rather stand” she said ruefully while rubbing her still tender bottom

“Suit yourself” Larry quickly polished off his breakfast and a good part of her leftovers as well.

“Do you have everything packed? I want to leave directly from the beach and try and avoid all the traffic getting home”

“Yeppers and I packed enough in the cooler for both lunch AND dinner so we don’t have to stop to eat on the way home. PLUS, I already packed everything in the van so we could go.” She replied standing proudly.

“KATIE, I am SOOOO proud of you” He took her into his arms and spun her around the room.

Katie giggled and laughed enjoying her uncle’s antics. “Go get your stuff, I want to get as much time at the beach as possible”

Larry ran upstairs and got his suitcases that he had packed the night before. Making a last check throughout the condo he shut off the lights and headed out the door for their day of fun and sun at the beach.

The beach was beautiful, clean sand and glistening water combined to make a festive atmosphere. They spent the first hour or so playing around in the waves like a couple of kids. Larry warned Katie not to go too far out as the recent weather system had created some pretty strong undertows.

After a while they stopped for lunch and laid out to enjoy the sun. Katie wanted to go back into the water, but Larry just wanted to read and take a nap before the long drive home.

“C’mon Uncle Larry, don’t be a spoilsport I want to go swimming” she whined

“So go swimming, I want to take a nap. We have a long drive ahead of us and I want to be well rested. Remember don’t go too deep” he warned

Katie sat and pouted, trying to figure a way to get her Uncle to go swimming with her. Then inspiration struck, slipping away quietly she took a bucket and filled it with water from the ocean, coming back quietly she dumped the water all over his back. Then started running towards the ocean

*SPLUTTER* WHY YOU little….” Larry got up and chased after her, with his longer stride he caught up with her rather quickly. Hoisting Kaitlyn over his shoulder he carried her over to their blanket, placing his left foot on the cooler and laid her over his knee.

“I’ll teach you to dump water on me you little scamp.” Larry began to swat her bottom with slow firm spanks, while Katie kicked and squirmed over his knee.

“OUCH, OW! I’m sorry, I’m sorry I was just trying to get you to come into the water with me. OUCH I’m sorry Uncle Larry, I’ll be good I promise. Owwww”

After about 2 dozen hard smacks, Larry set Kaitlyn down on the blanket and began to lecture her.

“I want you to sit there for the next 15 minutes. You are on a time out young lady. And if you ever do that again I will take you the car for a damn good spanking. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir” she responded sulkily

Katie sat and pouted ’til the 15 minutes were up. “Can I get up now Uncle Larry?” she asked quietly “I want to go look for some shells to bring back as souvenirs.”

“Sure babygirl, but stay nearby. I want to leave in an hour and don’t want to have to go looking for you, OK?”

“OK, I will. I promise” Katie scampered off in search of half buried treasures while Larry settled down for his nap.

Waking about 45 minutes later, Larry called out for Katie to come back and began packing. After the one hour deadline had passed, he started calling her again and again. Not seeing her and not receiving any response he went to look for her. After checking to make sure Katie had not gone into the water, Larry started walking down the beach calling her name as he went. Finally after about 15 minutes he found her, digging in the sand looking for shells.

“Kaitlyn! What the hell are you doing so far from the blanket?”, he shouted

Jumping to her feet, Kaitlyn tried to explain. “Uncle LARRY! Y – You scared me. I.. I was just looking for sea shells, I didn’t realize I had gone that far.”

“Is it time to leave?” she asked nervously.

“PAST time!” he replied angrily, pulling her to her feet.

“I told you that I wanted to leave within the hour, now by the time we get back to the car we are SURE to hit traffic. We are going to be delayed at least 2 hours, and I know just how we are going to be spending at least PART of that time young lady. Let’s GO! <SMACK> <SMACK> ” he said with a quick hard swat to each cheek.

“OUCH! No, Uncle Larry, PLEASE. I didn’t mean to go so far, I just wanted to find some good shells. PLEASE, I’m really sorry, it won’t happen again. OUCH”, Katie jumped as Larry kept smacking her bottom to move her along. Stopping to pick up their stuff he dragged her towards one of public changing rooms.

“Get in there and get your nose into the corner young lady”, he ordered while closing the door behind them.

Katie started to cry, she really hadn’t meant to disobey her uncle. She was just trying to find the best shells, she hadn’t realized how far she had gone. One look at the cold steel in his eyes told her that trying to excuse herself. Crying softly, she stood in the corner, nose against the wall, hands at her side awaiting her punishment.

Larry waited a few moments to calm himself down, then sitting on the bench he called his naughty niece over to him. With small mincing steps she walked over to stand in front of her irate Uncle. Looking down she started to apologize again.

“I’m really sorry, Uncle Larry. I won’t ever do it again, please don’t spank me. My bottom still sore from yesterday and…”

“Look at me Kaitlyn.” He cut her off

Kaitlyn looked into his eyes to see the mixture of love, concern and disappointment. She almost burst into to tears, feeling so bad. She knew that what she did was wrong and really felt terrible to have upset him so.

“I was really worried about you babygirl. I didn’t know where you had gone and you KNEW that we had to leave soon. Now thanks to you we will be stuck in traffic for at least a good part of the trip home. Something I really wanted to avoid. I’m afraid I am going to have to give you a good spanking, to make sure that you don’t disobey me like this in the future.”

“Yes sir” she replied quietly with tears in her eyes.

Larry reached out and started to take down her one piece bathing suit.

“NO! Uncle Larry, you can’t NOT NAKED. Please, can’t you just pull up my bathing suit or let me change first. PLEASE, I’m too old for you to spank naked.” She pleaded.

Larry continued to pulling her bathing suit down and off, replying; “You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before young lady. Maybe the extra embarrassment will encourage you to be more careful in the future. Now get over my knees little girl”

Katie quickly lay over his lap, as much to hide her nudity as to get this over with as quickly as possible.

Larry looked down at the nude form of his “niece” lying across his lap. The picture of submission – he clothed, she nude – was incredibly intoxicating, one that they had always found to be very erotic. Reminding himself there would be time for that later, he tightened his grip around her waist and brought his hand down right in the center of bare bottom.

SMACK “OW! I’m sorry, I’m SORRY” she pleaded

Larry continued spanking Katie with slow firm smacks, alternating from cheek to cheek, making sure to cover every inch of her small round bottom. Katie started kicking and pleading immediately, making all kinds of promises of better behavior, if only he would just stop right now.

Ignoring her, Larry started moving lower on her bottom making sure to concentrate on the tender creases where bottom meets thigh. Continuing to her bottom was uniform deep dark crimson. Placing his hand on her hot throbbing cheeks, Larry paused to question her.

<SMACK> “Are you going to wander off like that again?” <CRACK?

“OUCH! No UNCLE LARRY, I won’t I PROMISE OW!” she bawled in reply

<SMACK> Are you going to disobey like that again? <WHACK> <SPLAT>

“Noooooo, Wahhhhh, Never again I promisssssse!”

“Well we will just make sure of that” he replied And with that he began spanking her thighs hard and fast.



After about a dozen such smacks Katie couldn’t take it anymore, she finally collapsed over her Uncle’s knees and cried her eyes out.

Seeing that she had had enough, Larry stopped the spanking immediately. Katie, her bottom and upper thighs a deep dark red, just laid there and cried; not seeming to care that the spanking was over.

Larry let her cry for a few minutes and once she calmed down, helped her to her feet. Katie’s hands immediately shot to her bottom and she started dancing around the room in the classic manner of spanked little girls everywhere. IT was really a comical sight, her hands scrubbing furiously, her tiny round breasts bobbing up and down in time with her jumps. Larry had to restrain himself from bursting out laughing.

“OK Kaitlyn, go stand in the corner until I tell you that you can come out. And NO rubbing” he said at last.

“*sniff* Yes, Sir” she replied walking to the corner and standing there with her hands at her sides as she had been taught.

Larry watched his naughty little girl in the corner for about 15 minutes, then called her over for a hug and a cuddle.

Katie RAN into his arms, eager to feel his love and forgiveness. “I’m really sorry Uncle Larry. Please forgive me? I promise to be a good girl, please forgive me?”

Larry held her tight in his arms and hugged her fiercely. “Of COURSE I forgive you babygirl. You were naughty, you were spanked and now it is all over. You are my sweet little babygirl and always will be. Forever and EVER, I promise. Now go get dressed, we’ve got to get out of here or we will never make it home.”

“OK” she said with a smile. Katie scampered into a long T-shirt and soft cotton panties, about all her poor sore bottom could take. Just the thought of putting on that tight bathing suit made her wince. Unfortunately the T-shirt was not quite long enough, reaching just a couple of inches below her knees anybody could see her freshly spanked thighs as she walked by. “Oh well, she thought, Maybe they’ll think it’s a sunburn. Yeah, right. Not the way she screamed and howled during that spanking. Still, such is the price of naughtiness. At least in THIS family. Smiling she picked up her bag and headed out to the car.


They WERE stuck in traffic, but only for a little while thank goodness. Larry used the time to lecture Kaitlyn about her behavior and what he expected of her in the future. Katie, quietly accepted his words until he told her that she was to go right to bed as soon as they got home, and that she would be going to bed at 8 p.m. every night for the next two weeks.

“OH NO, Uncle Larry. Please, I’ll miss all my favorite shows. I’ve learned my lesson really I have, PLEEAAASE?”

“That’s enough Kaitlyn. I have had quite enough of your pleading and arguments. You are going to bed as soon as we get home and that’s that. Now, not another word unless you want me to pull over right now and give you another spanking.” He replied sternly.

“OK, OK. I’ll go to bed. But please, no more spanking. I don’t think I can take it anymore. My bottom still feels like it is on fire and that was 2 hours ago”

“Alright then. Hey, you know how much I love you right?” he asked sincerely

“Uh-huh, I love you too Uncle Larry. SO DAMN MUCH. Thank you for taking such good care of me.”

“You’re welcome babygirl.” He said with a quick squeeze and a kiss on her cheek.

After they got home, Larry sent Katie straight to her room telling her that he would be up in a moment to tuck her in. Hearing her call down that she was ready, he headed up the stairs. He would be glad when this weekend was over. He had enjoyed their play tremendously, but right now what he wanted more than anything was to make love to his wife.

Reaching the top of the stairs Larry stopped dead in his tracks, his mouth wide open. There standing in the door of their bedroom was his beautiful wife, wearing a sheer black lace teddy and long matching robe. Her hair loosely arranged around her shoulders and lips painted a deep dark red.

“Happy anniversary darling” She said while pulling him into the room. Taking him into her arms she kissed her husband passionately, closing their door with her foot.