A Girls Weekend – Chapter 3

Posted by Editor - October 25th, 2007

Part III – At the restaurant

The change in Katie after her spanking was dramatic. She went back to being her usual cheerful and endearing herself allow them to not only enjoy a pleasant lunch but complete the remainder of their shopping trip in near record time.

Arriving home they both decided to take a quick shower and a nap before heading out to dinner. Waking up after his nap Larry headed into Kaitlyn’s room to wake her up (In order to preserve the illusion they had agreed to sleep in separate bedrooms for the entire weekend.) .

“Time to get up babygirl” he said while stroking her cheek gently

“Mmmm, don’ wanna. Wanna cuddle, come cuddle me Uncle Larry” she replied sleepily

Unable to resist such a loving invitation, Larry crawled into bed beside his wife cum niece and took her into his arms.

” OK, just a few minutes and time to get up babygirl, I don’t want to be late for dinner. This place is very popular and they won’t hold our reservations”

Katie snuggled in and just enjoyed the feeling of being held in his arms. For some reason Larry could always make her feel completely safe and secure, just by holding her. She had missed that last night.

After about a half hour Larry reluctantly started to get up. “C’mon babygirl, I don’t want to miss our reservations”

“NO!, Don’t wanna get up, wanna cuddle!!!”

<SWAT> “Up you!” he said with a smile.

“OW!, NO! CUDDLE!” she replied, holding her arms out to him once again.

“OK, I know what will get you up, a great big TICKLE FIGHT!!!!” Larry jumped on the bed and began tickling Katie under her arms.


“Then I guess you had better get up, huh?”, Larry continued tickling her in her most sensitive spots, especially right behind the knees.

Katie was helpless with laughter, no matter how much she tried to squirm away Larry always seemed to find her most ticklish spots.

Gasping for air and feeling like she was going to pee her pants, Katie finally gave in. “OK! *gasp* OK, I’ll get up, I’LL GET UPPPPP!!!!”

Larry stood up and helped Katie to her feet. Giving her a final hug and a squeeze of her still tender bottom, he pushed her towards the bathroom.

:”Hurry up and get ready, we have to leave in less than an hour”

“OK, ya big meanie. I’m going, I’m going”

Larry laughed and headed towards his own room to get ready.

45 minutes later Larry was all dressed and impatient to get going. Katie had not responded to any of his prompting to hurry up and he was growing more and more irritated.

“KAITLYN! If we miss these reservations you are going to be eating your dinner standing up,. YOUNG LADY!” he shouted up the stairs.

“KAITL-” Larry stood at the bottom of the stairs with his mouth open. There was his beautiful Katie girl, looking as if she had stepped out of a young girl’s fashion magazine. She was wearing the party dress they bought earlier. A beautiful silvery blue dress with puffy sleeves and silver threads shot through out it. Her hair was in a fall held by a matching silver and blue bow. A pair of white tights and shiny new Mary Janes completed the picture of burgeoning innocence.

“I’m ready, Uncle Larry” she said with a small nervous smile.

Larry was speechless, she looked so beautiful.

“You look beautiful babygirl. Your going to be the prettiest girl in the restaurant. But we better hurry up or we will miss our reservations” he said at last.

Katie beamed at the compliment and taking her Uncle’s arm they headed out the door.

They had made the restaurant just in time and their table was waiting for them. The table was beautifully set with a pink linen table cloth and candles to add to the mood. They sat down and started looking through the menu.

“HEY! It’s all in French” Katie complained

“Well you can either ask me to translate or you can trust me to order for you” Larry Replied

“I guess you can order, but NO SNAILS!” she said making a face.

Larry Chuckled. “OK, no escargot, but do you mind if I order for some for myself?”

“OK, but I don’t wanna watch. That stuff makes my stomach queasy”

Larry ordered the meal, including wine for himself and milk for Katie, entirely in French. Knowing that Katie can be a picky eater, he made sure to order a simple chicken dish for her,Dinner went along smoothly, except for a couple of minor if embarrassing moments. The first was when the Escargot came, they were still in the shell. Larry had more than a little difficulty holding the shell with the tongs, so much so that, at one point a snail had flown across the room to land in another diner’s soup.

The 2nd incident was much more embarrassing for Kaitlyn, at one table a young girl about Katie’s apparent “age” pointed towards her and whispered loudly to her mother – “Momma, that’s the girl who got spanked at the store this afternoon” Kaitlyn blushed to her roots, but fortunately besides a few nervous titters nothing more was said.

“Katie, you haven’t even touched your peas” Larry said. It was true, she had practically cleared her plate of the chicken and potatoes but hadn’t eaten a bite of the peas.

“I HATE peas Uncle Larry, and I don’t wanna eat them”

“Peas are good for you babygirl, now I want you to clean your plate, so we can order dessert”

“No, I won’t eat them and you can’t make me. Peas are yucky”

“Kaitlyn Marie, you will eat your peas and there will be no more discussion about it. I am going to the rest room and when I come back I better see a clean plate, or you will be a very sorry little girl.”

Kaitlyn watched her Uncle leave and just sat at her place and pouted, then, inspiration hit her. Looking around to make sure nobody could see, she quickly scooped the dreaded peas into her napkin and placed it on the empty chair beside her. Then placing her most innocent look on her face, she folded her hands and waited for her Uncle Larry to return.

Larry came back and one glance at Kate’s plate told him that she had taken him at his word and eaten the peas. “Katie, I am proud of you, I know you don’t like them but you cleaned your plate anyway.” He gave her a quick hug.

Katie smiled guiltily, “Yep, I cleaned my plate all right” she said with a glance towards the empty chair where they sat.

“Oh, I have to tell you what I overheard on my way to the restore”, Larry said while pulling out the chair next to her.


Too late, Larry sat down right on the peas creating a squishy mess all over the seat of his pants.

“Wha?” Larry quickly stood up and turned around to see the mess left on the chair.

“Kaitlyn Marie Armstrong, so THIS is how you clean your plate huh?”

Taking her by the hand, he started pulling her towards the door, swatting her bottom as they went.. “I’ll teach YOU <SWAT> to play games like that <smack> <swat> <smack>”

“OW! I’m sorry Uncle Larry, I didn’t mean for you to sit in them” she said with a stifled giggle.

Telling the Maitre’d that they would be back shortly, Larry dragged Kaitlyn out to the van, deaf to her pleas for another chance.

“Uncle Larry,. PLEEEASE don’t spank me. Please, I didn’t mean for you to sit on it. Please, I’ll be such a good girl, I promise!”

“I have had just about enough of your mischief young lady, you are going to learn to behave like a proper young lady or you will not sit down for a month.”

Opening the side door he dragged Katie inside and shut the door behind them. Sitting down, Larry dragged the now frightened Kaitlyn across his knees and lifted her dress. Feeling his fingers in the waistband of her tights, Katie began to protest.

“NO!, Please don’t take down my panties Uncle Larry, I’m too old for you to see me like that”

Ignoring her please, Larry pulled her tights and panties down to her knees. “When you act like a naughty little girl, you get spanked like a naughty little girl. And that means on your bare bottom.”

<SMACK>:” I am very disappointed in you Kaitlyn” <WHACK> <SMACK> <CRACK>

“OW!” I’m sorry Uncle Larry, OUCH, really I am. Please don’t spank me, I’ll be a good girl, I promise!”

Ignoring her promises Larry continued spanking. Kaitlyn had one of those small tight round bottom that most spankers dream of. Fully packed yet small enough that he can easily cover most of it with one hand. He watched as Kaitlyn’s bottom rippled and turned first pink, then red under the punishing spanks. Katie started kicking and squirming immediately, her pleas getting more and more desperate as her naughty bottom heated up. When Larry moved down to her upper thighs, she began to sob.

“Oh no!, PLEASE Uncle Larry, not there, it hurts so much. WAHHHH, I’ll be a good girl, I promise!! I’ll NEVER EVER try and trick you again. I PROMISE WAHHHHHH!!!” Katie started to really bawl.

Figuring Katie was ready to listen, he moved back to smacking her bottom.

“When I ask you to do something <SMACK> I expect you to obey <WHACK> <CRACK> <SMACK>, NOT <SMACK> try and trick me!” <CRACK> <WHACK> <SPLAT>

“OWW!! I’m SORRY I’M SORRY!! I won’t ever do it again, please don’t spank me anymore Uncle Larry”

“I expect to be able to TRUST my little girl? <SMACK> <WHACK> <SPLAT>

“You can, you can. I promise, I didn’t mean to trick you. I just didn’t want to eat my peas! OUCH, I’m sorry Uncle Larry, please forgive me” Katie pleaded tearfully

“Are you ever going to do something like that again?” <SMACK <CRACK> <WHACK>

“OUCH, Wahhhh. No! Uncle Larry, I promise I promise. NEVER EVER EVER, I promise WAHHHH” Finally Katie had enough, she collapsed over Larry’s lap sobbing softly.

Larry, having spanked her bottom and thighs to a deep red glow stopped the spanking and began to gently rub her bottom, letting her cry it out.

“OK babygirl, I believe you learned your lesson this time. But I am afraid this is not the end of it. This is the 3rd time I had to spank you today and I can’t even count the number of times I had to warn you. You are going to get a good spanking with the hairbrush at bedtime tonight. Maybe that will be sufficient to curb this behavior” he said while pulling up her panties and tights

Katie jumped off his lap landing on her bottom. With a yelp she quickly got up on her knees and began to plead with her exasperated uncle. “Oh NO! Please Uncle Larry, not another spanking, and not with the hairbrush PLEASE!!! I’ll be such a good girl I promise. I’ll be your perfect little babygirl, I’ll never ever try and trick you again, I promise. PLEASE. my bottom is already so hot and sore, I couldn’t take another spanking.” she begged.

“You can, and you will babygirl. I have had enough of this. Now get up now and lets finish our dinner, unless you want more right now” he said while opening the door.

Katie jumped up and nearly dove out the door. “I’m going, I’m going” she said hands on her bottom

Larry chuckled as he watched her jump around a bit while rubbing her stinging bottom. “All right, lets go and see if we can at least enjoy our dessert, though I don’t know why you should have any all things considered.

Katie’s face was crestfallen at the thought she would not be able to taste one of the restaurants famous desserts. They had this dish of creme and berries served in a dark chocolate dish that was to be died for.Figuring that Katie had been punished enough and that she had more ahead of her, Larry capitulated.

“OK babygirl, you can have dessert But only because I know how much you were looking forward to it. Now go clean yourself up and I will go ahead an order”

sniffling softly, Katie smiled weakly “Thank you, Uncle Larry” and headed off to the rest room to get cleaned up.

Larry called over the waiter and ordered the rich dessert along with coffee and hot chocolate to top it off. Katie came out of the rest room looking none the worse for the wear and sat down a little too quickly. Jumping up from the sudden reminder she sat down more carefully and prepared to eat the rich dessert she had been presented with. Surreptitious glances and a whispered comment from the young girl mentioned earlier let her know that more than a few of the other patrons were aware of what just transpired.

Blushing deeply, Kaitlyn concentrated on finishing her dessert. Despite her impending date with the hairbrush. She figured anything was better than dying of embarrassment

They finished their meal and headed out the door, Katie was quiet the entire ride home not wishing to anger her guardian further. When they got to the house he opened her door and pointed toward the front door.

“I want you to go up to your room and get changed for bed. I will be up in a few moments to give you your spanking” he told her with a stern look

Kaitlyn looked up at him with pleading eyes, but one look at his now dark grey eyes let her know that there would be no last minute reprieve. Running upstairs to her room, she ran to her room and slammed the door, then began to change into her sleep wear. A big pooh T-shirt that came down past her bottom and purple cotton panties. Reaching into her panty drawer she pulled out the hairbrush paddle he uses to spank her when she has been really naughty and placed on the straight backed chair in front of her bed. Opening the door she called down “I… I’m ready for my spanking Uncle Larry”

Walking to the corner she lifted her shirt above her waist and pushed her panties down to her knees and waited for him to come up.

Hearing her call, Larry waited for a few minutes before going pstairs, the sight of her standing there, her hair in a pony tail and with her still pink bottom on display nearly melted his heart. Steeling himself he sat down and called her over to stand in front of him. Holding her small hands in his he began to speak to her lovingly but firmly.

“I am very disappointed in the way that you behaved toady babygirl. This is not how my Katie girl behaves. My Katie is a good little girl, who makes me smile. I don’t know what got into you today but I am going to make sure this does not happen again anytime soon.”

Katie started to cry softly. “I’m sorry Uncle Larry, really I am. Please down spank me anymore. I’ve learned my lesson. Really! I’ll be your good little babygirl forever, I promise. PLEAASSE Uncle Larry? Please? Please Please?”

Larry’s heart nearly broke at pitiful plea, but he knew this is what they both wanted. What they had talked about for months. Katie knew she could safeword at anytime to stop the fantasy, so as long as she did not ,Larry knew she wanted him to continue, the quick wink she gave him let him know that his assumption was correct. Gathering himself together and crooked his finger at her he signaled for her to get over his knees.

“Now Kaitlyn, unless you would like me to add a dose of the strap”

“NO!, I’m going, I’m going” She nearly dove over his lap, her panties getting tangled between her legs almost making her fall.

Larry lifted her shirt up to her shoulders, leaving her bare nearly to her ankles. Raising the hairbrush paddle high above his head, he brought it down with a loud *SMACKK* in the center of her bottom

“OWWWWW!!!” she screamed.

The hairbrush paddle was a formidable implement. Made out a dark mahogany leather it was nearly 12 inches long from end to end. In the center was a strip of spring steel which gave it the same weight and thud of an old fashioned hairbrush without the bruising that can often occur with wooden implements.

Larry continued to rain spank after spank on Kaitlyn’s full round bottom admiring the way her bottom turned white then red under his ministrations. Katie on the other hand started kicking and crying almost immediately, promising anything if he would just stop now. At one point, she kicked so hard her panties went flying across the room. After about 2 dozen spanks, Larry paused to rub her pulsing bottom. A surreptitious check between her legs let him know that she was just as wet as he was hard.

“Kaitlyn Marie Armstrong, I don’t EVER <SMACKK> EVER <CRACKK> want to have to do this AGAIN” <SMACKK> <CRACKK> <WHACKK> ” Is that UNDERSTOOD” <SMACK> <CRACKK> The last two swats were right where bottom meets thigh bring forth a fresh burst of tears

“OW OW!!, No NEVER AGAIN, I promise I Promissseee WAHHHHHHHH”

Katie collapsed over Larry’s knees and just sobbed her whole body shaking with the release of her tears. After a final quick dozen on each cheek Larry put down the hairbrush and began to gently rub Kaitlyn’s shoulders. Allowing her to cry out all the tension that had been building up for the last few months.

After she started to settle down Larry picked her up and cradled her in his arms, careful to keep her sore bottom suspended between his legs. Katie laid her head against his shoulder crying softly while gently stroking her hair. After she settled down she kissed him softly on the cheek.

“Thank you for spanking me Uncle Larry. I’m sorry I was such a naughty little girl. *sniff* I’ll try and do better tomorrow”

“It’s OK, babygirl. It’s all over now and all is forgiven;” He continued to rock her while singing softly until she fell asleep. Placing her gently in her bed, he tucked her in and closed the light. “Sleep with Angels, my sweet little babygirl. Tomorrow is a new adventure”

A Girls Weekend – Chapter 2

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Part II: The shopping trip

Larry looked over at his “Niece” and smiled. He was still amazed at the completeness of her transformation. Katie not only looked and sounded like a 12 year old little girl, but acted like one too. Talking about the boys in her school and what she wanted to be when she grew up. Larry played along, enjoying her descriptions of the students in her class from a 12 YO’s perspective. Larry recognized most of the “boys” as Kaitlyn’s students from the 6th grade class she taught back home.

The trip continued in silence for a while and then Katie, her bottom obviously cooled off decided she was bored. She started playing with the radio dial, turning to the most obnoxious stations and playing them loudly.

“Katie, please turn that down! You know I hate that kind of music” he shouted

“But this music is SOOOO GOOD, Uncle Larry and you gotta play it loud to appreciate it.”

“You can appreciate it just as much at a level that won’t blow out my ears”, he said as he reached out and lowered the volume.

“FINE”, Katie huffed, crossing her arms in a defiant pout. “Can’t ever have any fun here, ya big meanie” she mumbled.

“What was that honey?”

“NOTH ING” she replied and smiled to herself, this was FUN. For her at least.

Then inspiration hit, she couldn’t play the radio loud but he didn’t say anything about her singing along, which she did LOUD and as off-key as possible.

Larry tried to be patient, knowing that she was trying to goad him into action. But as a professionally trained singer with perfect pitch, he could only take SO much.

“Katie sweetie, I know you are enjoying yourself, but could you not sing QUITE so loud?”

“I’m just really getting into this kewl music Uncle Larry” she replied all innocence.

“That’s great babygirl, but your enthusiasm is making it difficult for me to concentrate on my driving and the roads are crowded today”

“Ohhhhh Kayyy” she replied and quickly shut off the radio and went back to pouting.

“Hey, hey, hey, what’s that all about?” He prompted “I asked you to tone it down, I didn’t say turn it off.”

“You don’t like my singing”, she whined

“Your singing was fine honey, just the volume was a bit much.” He replied “Now stop the whining and lets try and enjoy the rest of the trip. We’ll be at the mall in about 20 minutes”

“I am NOT whining, I’m mad at you” she whined.

“OK, I can see if I am to get any peace here at all, I better nip this in the bud” Larry said with an exasperated sigh.

“Kaitlyn Marie, you are much to old to be behaving in such an immature manner, now I want you to stop this right now and act your age, because if you don’t I am going to pull over right now and give you a damn good spanking. Is that understood?”

“I’m not- ”

“I SAID, is that understood?” he asked more forcefully.

“Yes” she replied in a quiet voice

<SMACK> He brought his hand down on her inner thigh leaving a red handprint.


“Pardon me?” He asked with one raised eyebrow.

“Yes, SIR!” she quickly amended.

“Much better, now lets try and get to the mall without any further incidents, OK?”

“Yes, Sir” she replied and smiled her secret smile.

The stage was set, ACT II was soon to begin.

At the Mall

Once they arrived at the mall, Katie’s attitude changed immediately. She LOVED shopping for new clothes and the vast array of discount designer stores was a near paradise to her. Overall the morning shopping excursion went well, they played and giggled quite a bit as they plowed through the different stores. At first Katie balked at the shopping in the girls department rather than the more trendy young teens, but a few well placed smacks and a warning of more to come quickly quieted her.

Sadly, Katie’s good mood was not to last. After a long morning of shopping and trying things on, Katie was ready for a break and wanted to go to the local Ice Cream shop for lunch and dessert. Larry insisted on finding Katie a new party dress to wear at dinner tomorrow night. Katie rejected dress after dress that her Uncle picked for her, calling them childish and STUPID.

“Katie, that’s enough. We still have to go shopping for my clothes and I would like to get this over and done with” Larry handed her a few other dresses he found through the curtain. “Just try these on and we can go get something to eat”.

” I WON’T TRY THOSE ON, THEY’RE STUPID AND SO ARE YOU” she screamed, hurling the dresses over the curtain.

“THAT does it young lady, you have been asking for a damn good spanking all day and you are going to get it!”

Larry tore the curtain aside to find a frighten Katie standing in her underwear, a pile of discarded clothes at her feet.

“No, Uncle Larry! PLEAAASE? I’ll be a good girl, I promise. Please don’t spank me here in front of everybody? PLEAAAASSSE! I’ll be so good, please don’t spank me Uncle Larry”

Ignoring her pleas, Larry sat down on the bench and pulled his recalcitrant niece over his knees. Raising his hand he brought it down right in the center of her panty clad bottom.

<CRACK> ” I won’t have you acting like a spoiled little brat when I am spending all this time and money to make sure you have nice clothes.” <CRACK> <SMACK> <WHACK> <SPLAT> <SPANK>

“OWWW!! I’m sorry Uncle Larry! I’ll be a good girl, I PROMISE!!”, she wailed


“Owwwww, Owwwww, Owww, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll be good, I promise, please I’m sorry. Wahhhhhh!” Katie began to kick and cry like and naughty little girl receiving a well deserved spanking. Deciding that she had had enough, Larry let her up with a stern warning that if this happened again she would be taken out to the van for a dose of the hairbrush on her bare bottom.

Katie leapt to her feet rubbing her fiercely stinging bottom while dancing in place. “OW, OW, OW, that hurt soooo much!.”

Larry watched Katie’s antics for a few moments, noticing that the crowd of spectators that had started to form was dispersing, some of the kids with a worried look on their face. Then deciding that they had put on enough of a show, he closed the curtain and called for Katie to come sit on his lap so they could talk.

Wiping away her tears, Larry took her face in his hands and began to speak soothingly to her.

“Katie, I was very disappointed in the way that you behaved just now and I don’t want to have to go through that again, understood”

“Yes Uncle Larry”, she sniffed “I’ll be a good girl and cooperate, I promise”. She looked up at him with soulful puppydog eyes “Forgive me? Please?”

Larry’s heart melted, taking her in his arms he hugged her tight. “Of COURSE I forgive you silly. You are my sweet little babygirl, and I will love you forever and ever. No matter how naughty you are sometimes” he said with a quick tickle.

“Now come on, just try on this last dress and we can go get some lunch. OK?”

“OH KAY” she responded with a big smile.

A Girls Weekend – Chapter 1

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 A Girls Weekend – Chapter 1

Kaitlyn Strong hummed to herself in the shower as she washed her long strawberry blonde hair. Today was to be a special day. She and her husband of one year were going to celebrate their anniversary by living out one of their favorite fantasies. A weekend where Kaitlyn would be able to regress to a pampered if mischievous little girl, living with her guardian. They had played various little girl spanking games over the years of course, but this one was different. This weekend she would actually be able to LIVE as a little girl again, both in public AND in private. Due to the fact that they lived in a small town and Kate taught at the local public school, they had to be very discreet whenever they went out in public. It would not do to have any of the town busybodies find out that the Strongs were anything but fine upstanding citizens. Their marriage in itself had engendered quite a buzz, what with Larry Strong being nearly twice Kaitlyn’s age. But their obvious deep love and devotion to one and other quickly put some of the nastier gossips in their place. To solve this problem, Larry had rented a two-bedroom condo out of town, in an area where they were unlikely to run into anybody they know.

Besides the age difference, Kaitlyn and Larry were a study in contrasts. Kaitlyn was petite, just under 5′2″ her childlike face, small breasts and bottom combined to make her look more like a pubescent teen than the 22 yo professional she was. To overcome this Kaitlyn had taken to wearing finely tailored business suits and wearing her hair pinned up. Today would be different though, today she will be able to take advantage of her youthful appearance and regress to the 12 yo scamp that she loves to play.

Larry on the other hand at 40 was all man. Nearly 6 feet tall with dark hair and large blue eyes he had the commanding presence that years as a management executive had bred into him. While often playful and affectionate with Katie, he could just as quickly turn into a stern taskmaster on the rare occasions when she screwed up.

Kate? Hurry up babygirl, I don’t want your breakfast to get cold.

Kaitlyn came out of her reverie then quickly rinsed her hair. After a final pass with the razor to ensure that all body hair had been removed, she exited the shower and toweled off. Entering the bedroom she found her outfit for the day laid out on the bed for her. Larry had thought of EVERYTHING. From full cut little girl pooh panties and undershirt, to the cotton playshorts and brat face T-shirt (You know the one, the smiley face with it’s tongue sticking out?) The outfit was made complete with the addition of frilly socks and her favorite purple tennies.

Katie got dressed and after carefully braiding her hair into two pigtails she did a final check in the mirror.

Goodness, I DO look 12 years old. <giggle> Well that’s what you wanted silly she reminded herself and head down the stairs to breakfast.

Kate skipped down the stairs and entered the kitchen

Morning Uncle Larry she piped in her best little girl voice.

Larry stood their amazed, he had seen this transformation before when they played, but never this completely.

MY G_D Kate, you look 12 years old.

I AM 12 years old silly, what did you expect? She reproached him.

Larry blushed, Oh yeah, right.

Katie giggled then went over and gave her husband a quick hug and kiss on the cheek.

Recovering himself. Larry quickly fell into the paternal role.

Better hurry up and eat your breakfast babygirl, we have a big day ahead of us and I want to get an early start today.

What are we doing today, Uncle Larry? Katie asked

We, are going shopping today for some vacation clothes for both of us. Our cruise is less than 2 weeks away and we still have no clothes for it.

Clothes shopping? I HATE clothes shopping, it’s SOOOO boring. Can’t we do something else? Like go to the toy store? Or the beach? PLEAASSSSSE?

Oh boy, Larry could see it starting already.

No Kaitlyn, you need new clothes before the trip and so do I. But, if you are a good little girl I will take you for an ice cream and a movie after the shopping is done. And we can go to the beach tomorrow. As long as we get everything we need today.

MO! NO DEAL! I want to go to the beach TODAY! She whined. We can go shopping when we get home.

Kaitlyn, we agreed earlier that we were going to take advantage of all the outlet stores around here so we would have more money available to spend on our vacation, now eat up and lets get going.

NO! I don’t want to go shopping and you can’t make me. Pushing the plate away, she crossed her arms and looked at her “Uncle” with a mischievous twinkle in her eye that seemed to say: “so what are you going to do about it, tough guy?”.

Larry didn’t hesitate, Kaitlyn might as well have hung a “SPANK ME” sign around her neck.

Oh, I can’t can I? Well, we will just see about THAT.

Pushing back his chair, Larry reached out and grabbed Kaitlyn by the wrist. With one motion he pulled her out of her chair and over his knees.

What are you doing?! She shrieked. You can’t spank me, I’m too old to spank.

<SMACK> Larry brought his hand down right in the center of her purple shorts. You are also <CRACK> too old <SMACK> to be throwing tantrums like a 5 year old. <WHACK> <SMACK> <SMACK>

OUCH!!! Let me up this minute, you can’t do this to me. Katie tried to cover her bottom, but her Uncle quickly pinned her hands to her back and continued the spanking.

<SMACK> <CRACK> <WHACK> I will not let you up, until you are ready to cooperate and eat your breakfast. Like <CRACK> a good <SMACK> little girl <WHACK> <SPLAT> <SMACK>.

OW OW OW, ok ok I’LL BE A GOOD GIRL, please no more Uncle Larry my bottom is on fire.

With a final spank and caress to Kaitlyn’s full round bottom, Larry released her hands and helped her to her feet.

Holding her in front of him, he looked her in the eye. I hope that won’t be an indicator of how the rest of the day will go Kaitlyn, because if I have to spank you again today it will be on your bare bottom and I don’t care where we are at the time.

Is that understood, young lady?

Rubbing her bottom and with a slight pout, Kaitlyn nodded her head – being careful to hide the small smile that crept across her lips.

Sitting gingerly Kaitlyn polished off her plate and carried their dishes to the sink.

I’m ready Uncle Larry, we can go now.

Make sure to go potty before we go Kaitlyn, it is a long drive to the outlet stores and I don’t want to have to pull over every five minutes so you can go to the bathroom.


While Kaitlyn was busy in the restroom, Larry took advantage of the time to slip into the bedroom and slip a special surprise for Kaitlyn into his jacket. If this morning was any indicator today was going to be a trying, if fun day and he wanted to be fully prepared. Smiling to himself, he went downstairs.

Ready babygirl?


Then lets roll <swat>

OUCH, ya big meanie

And they’re off.


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My friend over at ThePainfiles.com helped me a great deal, so pay his great site a visit. Also have a look at the new guest pages from Mark E. DeSade & Punishment – there´s a full novel called Tales of Discipline and Corporal Punishment + a fine guest gallery called Girl Scout Camp

Welcome to Annes Amateur Spanking

Posted by Editor - October 2nd, 2007

 Welcome to Annes Amateur Spanking

Welcome to my private spanking page. My name is Anne – and I´d say i´m a very naughty girl into spanking, caning and corporal punishment. Here you will find some of my favorite spanking & caning. All for free. I hope you will find alot of interesting things here, and give me some feedback.