Sjambok Whipping of Eryn

Posted by admin - May 1st, 2020

Naked and clean-shaven headed, eryn rose is ready for her 1st day as a ShadowSlave. She greets Christian Red by humbly stimulation his feet, before submitting to an in depth over the knee spanking.
Real Punishment Films

Certain she is going nowhere with hands to ceiling, the beating continues with powerful punches and kicks to her soft belly and excellent ass. Her legs are certain and he or she overwhelmed with a steel bar, and repeatedly kicked, before a severe whipping with a rubber sjambok.


Fae Corbins Spanking

Posted by admin - April 2nd, 2020

Fae Corbin is reposeful within the workplace, however Wolfie has alternative ideas. while not a word, he strips her and leads her to a stool, handcuffing her wrists to the beam on top of, going her reconciliation on tip-toes. In response to her forward banter, he wordlessly removes his belt, and thrashes her pale skin moving on to a several caudate whip, beating her from head to toe. going her hanging, he pricks her skin with a pinwheel, and inserts a fox-tail butt-plug into her ass, then resumes the belt beating. Clothespins bite her nipples, as he moves on to one tail whip, and fucks her ass with the whip handle.

Shadow Slaves – Spanking Films

Pressing a moving wand into her cunt, she is finally allowed down, and bent over the lounge, wherever she should endure a lot of whipping, whereas the wand works it’s magic. Finally he deems she is prepared to be used, and pushing a vibrator deep into her ass, she is bent over the table to suck his cock. Needing a lot of stimulation, he fucks her within the ass, before returning to fuck her throat, going her tearful, and quiet at long last.

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Wild Party Spanking Film

Posted by admin - March 18th, 2020

The first episode of the series, Wild Party, was associate degree fully ground-breaking picture within the history of the spanking film. Shot virtually fifteen years agone. The distinctive absolute realistic nature and natural character of all performances, hard-line, fully realistic canings and atmosphere, reactions of chastised women.



Vintage Spanking Photos

Posted by admin - March 8th, 2020

Do you enjoy vintage spanking photos ? If so we recommend History of Spanking – in pictures … its a brand new kinky spankee book full of illustrations!


NEW Rigid Spanking – Lori Whipped To Tears

Posted by admin - March 19th, 2016

NEW Rigid Spanking – Lori Whipped To Tears by four other women – see the review and samples at Rigid Spanking Film of Lori featuring a suffering spankee whipped, spanked and punished.

revenge-on-the-laughing-girl10 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl11 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl12

revenge-on-the-laughing-girl13 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl15 revenge-on-the-laughing-girl16

See the spanking video report: Rigid Spanking Film of Lori

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Redheads Bound Spanking

Posted by admin - February 21st, 2016

She is bound securely to the table but after watching this video for a few minutes you will get the idea she doesn’t want to escape. However she was trying to lift those legs up toward the end to protect her ass. It did not do her any good of course, he just hit harder! These girls seem to never learn to stay still. See more at Elite Pain Spanking Films

ec22_02 ec22_03 ec22_04

Flogging Punishment. Though I have to admit to being fond of suspension when it’s used for female flogging punishment, or any punishment for that matter, this episode does well with just a bench and some straps. This trainee slut has no head for heights and a bench to tie her down is a good way to break her in.

ec22_15 ec22_20 ec22_21

If you think though, that it will be a soft whipping you are so wrong! This slut is getting her ass cheeks, hips and even her legs reddened beautifully. In fact the skin broke in a couple of places this flogging was so severe. The dominant went back over her hips too ensuring there wasn’t a place that wasn’t flogged thoroughly and burning. Don’t you just love a sadist who pays attention to details? She might not be loving it so much right now though. See more at Elite Pain Spanking Films

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German Whipping Action

Posted by admin - February 14th, 2016

The Germans sure know how to administer a good whipping scene. This blonde chick is blindfolded and intimidated by her master until he finally makes her bend over for the riding crop. He gives her a severe ass whipping that will leave marks on her for a long time to come. Then he grabs the flogger and another hard whipping comes down on her ass. She is in for a severe whipping by this German officer who knows just how to administer punishment at Elite Pain Whipping Films

drlomp5_02 drlomp5_05 drlomp5_15 drlomp5_16 drlomp5_19 drlomp5_24 drlomp5_34 drlomp5_35 drlomp5_36

Severe Ass Whipping. This sado whipping scene features a blonde getting a humiliating whipping to the ass plus a pussy whipping between the legs. Inside the site you can see her severe whipping video where she takes the full punishment that she deserves.

Severe Ass Whipping. When it comes to whipping videos, few do it as well as the europeans. Today’s video shows just that, how a whipping can be severe and yet there be a real bond between the man wielding the whip and the slut crying out on the bench. When he tests her ass and lets her rest between strokes this girl is actually able to engage in a little banter with him. At least, until the next stroke hits her ass at Elite Pain Whipping Films


Milgram Experiment from Mood Pictures

Posted by admin - February 11th, 2016

The Milgram Experiment from Mood Pictures featuring several rigid spankings of bruised, striped and crying slaves.

The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures The Milgram Experiment - Mood Pictures

Get the full length movie at Mood Pictures

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Room For Rent

Posted by admin - January 15th, 2016

Available now at Whipped Ass: Room For Rent: Broke waitress pays rent with kinky lesbian sex!!!

Hot broke waitress (Kirsten Price) attempts to lease a room from rich San Francisco tech worker (Maitresse Madeline Marlowe) only to find out that the only way to afford the rent is to sexually submit to her new landlord. Madeline collects rent with a spanking, flogging, finger fucking, lesbian 69, bondage, simultaneous orgasms, and a hot anal strap-on fucking!

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Melissa May Spanked

Posted by admin - January 15th, 2016

19 year old Melissa May meets hot pervy MILF Simone Sonay in a crowded bar to sell her dirty panties. Simone entices Melissa to come back to her place and submit to spanking, cropping, bondage, finger fucking, face sitting, the dildo gag, tons of spanking and pussy and anal strap-on fucking!!!

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