Spanking Zarina Massoud

Posted by admin - November 17th, 2011

The Piano Lesson – Spanking Zarina Massoud. Zarina has been studying the piano for quite some time now, and I would really have expected her to have made some progress by now.

But it seems that the slut has had her mind on other things during her lessons! Before long she’s naked between my legs, pleasuring me with her tongue. Maybe now she’ll pay more attention.


Wooden Paddle Spanking

Posted by admin - November 10th, 2011

Wooden paddle spanking and bruising corporal punishment of Caras red bottom in domination and fetish bdsm at

Caras first spanking and bruising bare bottom punishment by hard hand spanked discipline and wooden paddle pain on her glowing red bottom.

The american amateur spankee is put across the knee for a session of intense corporal punishment and painful discipline

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Brutal Corporal Punishment

Posted by admin - September 18th, 2011

Brutal corporal punishment beating and tanning domination of painslut Crystel Lei. Miss Chaos dominates and punishes her lesbian slave girl viciously with fierce canings on her disrobeped bottom. Hard red stripes are drawn across the hind end of welsh fetishmodel Crystel Lei as her strict femdom Chaos delivers a long series of fierce cane strokes on her bare bottom. The demonic brown-haired Crystel moans in anguish as Chaos dominates and punishes her with the switch

See the full length lesbian female spanking movie of pain slave Crystel Lei in hardcore Bdsm and corporal punishment at BDSM and Spanking Movie Headquarters – The Pain Files

Spanked To Tears

Posted by admin - August 28th, 2011

Amateur spanking to tears and extreme domination of redhead slavegirls Nimue and Gina corporal punishment and screaming submission to their merciless masters paddling and caning blistered red bottom and thighs. Nimue is punished and crying whilst the harsh strokes of the paddle mark her body and she has to maintain her punishment position whilst tears are streaming down her faces and screams of agony penetrate the air with every piercing blow.

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Private thrashing and caning to sulking and barbaric domination of redhead slavegirls Nimue and Gina corporal punishment and squeeling improsoned lifestyle to their savage masters paddling and beating blistered red behind and thighs. Nimue is rebukeedand sulking whilst the excruciating strokes of the spank mark her body and she has to maintain her punishment position whilst crying are streaming down her faces and screams of agony penetrate the air with every piercing blow.

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Enslaved from Mood Pictures

Posted by admin - October 1st, 2010

Enslaved from Mood Pictures 

Good extreme caning action you can thrust :)


Details: 32 minutes; cane (100 + 20)

When Judith travels abroad to accept a job offer as a housemaid at a millionaire lady’s house, she finds herself in a trap. She immediately discovers that she was actually sold as a slave for the lady. A bizarre story with humiliating situations and inhuman, severe tortures

Producer: Mood Pictures

Tales of Discipline and Corporal Punishment.

Posted by admin - September 12th, 2010

Corporal Punishment for the discerning femme

We have something really good for all you here. It´s with great pride I can present a full spanking novel. Mark E. DeSade has written the e-book called:

Tales of Discipline and Corporal Punishment

With permission I have put the book online for download. Just click the Book cover below, and alot of sizzling reading will be coming your way.The book is in PDF format, and you´ll need Acrobat Reader to view it – It can be downloaded for free here: Acrobat Reader

Judical Punishment

Posted by admin - May 6th, 2010

Judicial Punishment

New extreme caning movie from Mood Pictures. As usual it features canings the hardest kind, extreme whipping, welts and bruises.

Details: 42 minutes; single tail (10 + 10 + 50 + 130)

This documentary feature shows 4 convicts of a small country where short prison sentences may be changed to corporal punishments. Though this form of CP is optional, once the process has begun, it can only be interrupted if the doctor thinks it is necessary.

Watch Judicial Punishment from Mood Pictures

Recommned: Dark Room

Posted by admin - January 17th, 2008

Dark Room Vol.1
One of the classics from hardcore female caning producers Mood Pictures.
No fan of extreme canings should miss out on this masterpiece of a delicious caning movie.
Details: 40 minutes; cane (100), single-tail whip (100)

Katie’s sister is held in prison for drug abuse. Katie visits a private detective, since she cannot get in contact with her sister, who refuses every attempt to visit her. Something is very strange… The detective advises Katie to go into the prison with a forged court order. Once Katie is inside… she immediately discovers the first obstacle. There is a secret ‘V.I.P Suite’ which is filled with girls chosen by the prison headmistress. Only a few guards know about this cell. These girls are tortured for any misbehavior, and furthermore, once a week they are tortured in a dark room in front of a crowd of people. Sometimes the tortured girls are never seen again alive. Who may be these sadistic people in cassocks? Will Katie find her sister in the prison? You’ll find out if you watch this dramatic movie!

Watch Dark Room at: Mood Pictures

Girls Boarding School Review

Posted by admin - January 15th, 2008

Girls Boarding School

Girls Boarding School has very fast become a classic in the spanking scene. It features almost glamour style videos and pictures of fairly severe canings of goodlooking young girls (18+ of course). The site can be highly recommended for all fans of hard caning – specially if you´re looking for videos, they have hours of videos and update them often, whilst the amount and additions of high res pictures is more limited. The site seems to update multiple times each week.

Site Rating:

SONIA Spanked

Posted by admin - January 14th, 2008

SONIA spanking story by Helier

She was the most beautiful, graceful girl I have ever seen.   Each afternoon I
watched her covertly and though I have never been attracted to other
women, I developed an irrepressible desire to be spanked by her.

I had taken Sonia as my maid.   She studied law in the mornings and came
to me each afternoon.    She was cheerful, conscientious and respectful but
though we chatted a little everyday I was careful to preserve my distance.

Herein lay the problem.   My desires pressed ever more urgently but, without
becoming more intimate with her, how could I realise them?   The answer
was simple and came to me one afternoon.   Sonia is my maid – surely
anything I require for my comfort is her duty.     I called her and she came
and stood before me expectantly.

“Sonia.   Are you ever inclined to question my directions?”

“No, Ma’am.”    She seemed genuinely shocked.

“And I can rely upon your absolute discretion?”

“Of course, Ma’am.”

“On my desk you will find a large ruler.   Please bring it here.”

She returned with the ruler and held it out.   I made no move to take it.

“Tell me honestly – have you ever had occasion to give chastisement?”

She was obviously surprised by the question.

” … No, Ma’am.”

“Sonia.   I would like to be spanked.  I expect you to acquire the necessary
skills to oblige me in this.”

Her pretty mouth fell open and her eyes were wide.

“Please give me a hard stroke on my hand so that I may judge your ability.”

I held my hand out.    How my heart raced when I saw her gulp and raise the
ruler.   Her eyes were terrified but her stroke, when it came, was as light as a
patter of rain.

“That won’t do, Sonia.   Please give me the ruler and turn around.”

Again she obeyed me and immediately I gave her three sharp strokes on her
bottom.   She squealed, trying to move out of the way, then shrieked as she
caught another stinging stroke across her bare thighs.   I pressed the ruler
into the hand that was not clamped across her bottom and, turning from her,
knelt up on the seat of my chair.

“Thank you, Sonia.   Please do not stop until I tell you.”

I could feel the nerves fluttering in my stomach as I listened to her halting
breath.   Would she?    I felt a delicate shift of air on my legs and suddenly –
oh, she had such a touch …!

Time and again her vicious ruler swished across my tight silk dress.   I
glanced back and through my tears I could see the little vixen loving it.   My
terrified eyes drove her all the harder until I was wet with the shameful
thrill of it.    I made her continue until she could go no more.  

When she was finished I sat carefully back on my chair.

“You may serve tea now, Sonia.”

“Yes, Ma’am”, she said and went happily about her duties.

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